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Living The Reality Of The Kingdom Today!

About Us



Our vision for our ministry at St. John is to retell the story of Jesus with our lives as we seek to grow in God's love in communion with Him, to care for each other in community with one another and to bless our neighborhood and world in co-mission with Christ.


We see the church not as an institution, but as a relational reality defined by one thing and one thing only – who we are individually and collectively in Jesus.  It is Jesus who defines everything for us.  Jesus is the One who defines our restored relationship with God in communion with Him once again because of His love and all He has done for us.  Jesus is the One who defines who we are in relationship to each other as a community of faith; we are now the Body of Christ.  And Jesus is the One who defines who we are in our co-mission with Him for the sake of our community and the world. 


It is from this identity of who we are in Christ that we understand our sense of purpose:  We are an incarnational community called to be the presence of Jesus in our world today.  We are not a church with a mission, but we are a church on a mission.  That mission is to be the feet of Jesus that go, the hands of Jesus that reach and the voice of Jesus that speaks His Words of life and love to all we meet.  It is through us, His Body, that Jesus continues His ministry today that He began some 2,000 years ago. As each of us live out our unique calling that we have in Christ, individually and collectively, we then become the means by which God blesses the world.

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